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Donnie Robertson scans our 12-13 month old yearlings each fall. An independent DVM collects DNA Samples and Scrotal Info. Donnie is always amazed at the consistency of the calves particularly since he knows they have not been pumped up/fed in a grow yard or elsewhere prior to being scanned. Many breeders are feeding prior to having their cattle scanned which creates FALSE data since in the real world most cattle are not in a feed yard as they reach 12-13 months (the age our calves are scanned). Each year Donnie tells us YOUR CATTLE SCAN BETTER THAN cattle that have been on full feed in a grow yard, etc. prior to being scanned. Cuplab processes the raw data and year after year tells us “you have the highest IMF herd in the Beefmaster breed”

James Rogers: Operates the West I L Ranch Tuscarora NV
"James Rogers former manager of the close to a million acre Winecup-Gamble ranch where he purchased lots of our bulls, a herd sire and pregnant cows now is operating the West I L ranch in Tuscarora NV where he has over 20 of our bulls. Despite the horrendous drought in the western states on July 23, 2021 James reported the Casey bulls look good and are doing the job. He and the cowboys appreciate having these gentle, clean underline, muscular Casey bulls."

Jack, Dana, and Rawley Coupland, Pinon NM, July 2020:
"We really appreciate the photos. Here's hoping you are all doing well, and having a good rainfall year. We are extremely happy with the Casey bulls. They are doing well with a poor rainfall season and all cattle are in good condition. Calves are growing nicely. Here's wishing you a great 4th of July celebration.
Again, Thanks for the pictures and for having such wonderful bulls for sale."


We have coming two year old bulls born in late August or September 2021 for sale. These fleshy bulls are raised in the pasture not puffed up with feed in a grow yard, etc. just so they will be fat. Fertility tested, virgin no trich, clean underlines, gentle, muscular and ready to go to work. IF you would like an excel file with ALL their data emailed or mailed please let me know.

Our oldest customer in Laredo purchased their first bulls in 1952 and have purchased hundreds since and they still are on an annual basis. We are grateful for their support and ALL the others who faithfully purchase bulls year after year or on an as needed basis. Please contact Watt by text or call 325-668-1373 or if you would like more information or would like their excel files emailed or mailed.

  • Bulls Fertility Tested By Independent DVM's
  • Ranch Raised Virgin Bulls and Herd Sires
  • Trich Free Bulls
  • Herd Closed 1967
  • Grass & Forage Genetics - Bulls Developed On Grass Not GRAIN!!!
  • Donnie Robertson Scans Cattle All Over the US. Our Yearlings Are Raised On Grass and Are Not Fed Prior To Being Scanned Like Many Cattle Programs Which Leads To Deceptive Scan Results. Cattle That Produce Excellent Scan Results On A Grass Diet Do Better and Won’t Melt in the Real World.

Six Casey Beefmaster Bulls + 122 Angus cross Heifers

  • 116 of 122 palpated BRED (95%)
  • 112 calved without assistance, one calf born dead
  • Five did not calve either reabsorbed after palpation or miss palpated
  • 92% LIVE CALF CROP & NO assistance calving
  • Average BIRTHWEIGHT 55 lbs!
  • Over 90% BLACK CALVES
  • The owners are keeping these E-6 heifer calves for replacements.

Thanks to those who purchase bulls annually—from smaller operations to very large ranches running thousands of females for way over 40 years--and numerous other bull buyers. These ranches purchase our virgin, trich free yearling bulls that we start selling at 14-15 months old. Casey Beefmaster bulls are working in Mexico, as far north as Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma & Indiana, east in Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Kentucky, west in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico and Oregon, ALL over Texas and in several other states.

Each year we offer herd sires for sale. These are the animals that were previously selected from the top end of their respective calf crop and used on our females.

We sell herd sires ranging in age from coming twos to coming four. Herd sires with clean underlines, that are gentle, fertile, muscular & sexually aggressive are available.

Zack Johnston, Alabama, Every Year!!!
“The calves from your cows come out like wet worms and grow like crazy.”
Zack has been purchasing Casey Beefmaster herd sires since 2015 and lots of females in recent years.

Rob Campbell 500 Angus & Brangus cows, Arkansas, December 2018:
Rob keeps purchasing bulls year after year the reason follow:

“Just letting you know I'm very happy with the calves lots of reds but I'm still happy and I'll be back for more bulls as soon as it's my turn.” Not only that while Rob was here selecting his new set of bulls in late December 2018 he said his calves graded 98% choice and are going in to the CAB program.

Doug Johnson, Idaho, Spring 2015:
“Calves look outstanding we are 25 days into calving best I can tell 2 heifers and 5 cows left should be all but done in the next week ten days. Calves out of your bulls showing muscle and length already. We have not pulled a calf yet and I am loving the extra length of rib I am seeing already. They are also very clean sheathed and solid colored.”

Nathan Boies, The Boies Ranch, Nevada, Spring 2015 operates a ranch with 3500 black Angus females called to report he was very pleased with the Casey Beefmaster sired calves they have.

In Nov. 2009 Joe Sparks in TX purchased five coming two year old bulls from us to use on his Angus & Black Baldy cows and has been coming back for bulls ever since. Thank you Joe!!! Before he had seen calves from these bulls he came back and purchased four more two year old bulls. What is amazing is Joe's banker & several neighbors did not believe the Casey bulls were Beefmasters. When the first calf arrived Oct. 7th, 2010 Joe sent a text message saying “First calf from Beefmaster bull & black motley cow...solid black, little ear... perfect.”Joe Mike and Nancy purchase bulls every year and we appreciate their support.

The Dan Swiney family in Missouri continues to purchase bulls on a regular basis and even better brings fellow Missouri ranchers here and also Dan also purchases bulls for other ranchers who can not get here. When I asked Dan where he sells the steers he said the local auction barn and when they ask what bulls sired the calves Dan says “I don’t tell them Beefmasters I tell them Good Red Bulls”. Dan has not been able to find cattle that will perform like Casey Beefmaster bulls in MO.

One of the men who came with Dan for a road trip in late 2016 with no intention of purchasing a bull ended up buying a bull to use with his RED ANGUS females. To top it off Steve Sullivan came back with Dan in April 2017 and purchased several more bulls. Thank you Dan and thank you Steve and Claudia.

Dan Swiney, in MO, purchased Casey Beefmaster retired herd sire 2-69 on Nov. 1, 2007 and range bull 5-23 one year later. On Nov. 1st, 2009 Dan called to tell me about the cross bred calves they are getting. Dan said the calves from the retired herd sire are: “Excellent and the best set of calves he has ever had.”

“I am really tickled and the calves have NO EAR and NO SHEATH”. The bulls were crossed with Angus & Charolais females. With respect to the Casey Beefmaster/Charolais calves Dan said: “they are the best cross I have ever had”. Nine month old calves sired by Casey Beefmaster bulls weighed 650 pounds right off the mother when sold July 10th, 2009.

We hear stories like these quite often and encourage you to consider using Casey Beefmaster Bulls or Semen.

For information on available cattle, please call or text Watt, Jr.

Cell: 325-668-1373

Doug Johnson - Idaho
Casey Beefmaster Herd Sire 1-163
BW 67
YR 850
SC 40
Dam: 8-11 Sold Fall 2013 to Lester Evans

Maxine Farmer - Texas
Casey Beefmaster Herd Sire 1-103
Weight 1950
on August 21, 2015
below SC 42
BW 59 pounds
YR 935
SC 42

Dam: 3-15 - Raised Three Herd Sires Before She Was Sold In 2014 To Zack Johnson in AL Due to the Multi Year Drought. Pregnant When Sold and Calved in AL.

Mike Keeney - Kentucky
Casey Beefmaster Herd Sire 1-177
BW 75
YR 850
SC 41

Dam: 6-30 - Calved Here Fall 2015

BBU C 1134199
Casey Herd Sire 9-237

Unretouched photograph April 27th, 2023
Watt M. Casey, Jr

BBU C 1134185
Casey Herd Sire 9-259

Unretouched photograph May 13th, 2023
Watt M. Casey, Jr.

Herd Sire 9-131

Herd Sire 9-161

Herd Sire 9-237

Herd Sire 9-247

Herd Sire 9-253

Herd Sire 9-259

Casey Herd Sire 9-145

Casey Herd Sire 9-163


Herd sires are sold private treaty each spring and summer. A DVM preg checks our females in March then we know how many herd sires will be needed for the annual fall 25-30 day breeding season. These bulls have stayed in the program for three years the maximum we allow, judged each year then rotated out of our program to go to work for other ranches all over the USA.

Our bulls are TRICH FREE, we have had a closed herd since 1967. No sloppy loose hide cattle here (all you people who think a Beefmaster needs a loose hide to stay cool, or for some other reason, are wrong-for decades we have sent bulls and females all over the US including AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, ID, IN, KY, LA, MO, MS, NE, NM, NV, OK, TX & WY. Some states are HOT and HUMID and Casey cattle have NO problem with tight hides other states are hot and dry). Our bulls are gentle with clean underlines, muscled from GRASS not PUFFED up with GRAIN and have high IMF and REA measurements.
  • 10 Straw Minimum - Straws $35.00
  • Discounts for volume purchases - please inquire
  • FOB Elgin Breeding Service, Elgin TX
Casey Beefmaster CSS Semen is available and being used all over the US and in Botswana, Colombia, Nicaragua, Namibia, Mexico, South Africa & Thailand. Casey Beefmaster CSS semen is qualified and ready for export to the world including Australia ( CASEY 5-145 ) and Mexico ( CASEY 5-145).


James Goodrich in WY:
“Both bulls, Casey 5-48 & Casey 4-35 CSS (semen bulls) worked extremely well on heifers calving this spring, just as I thought they would. All calves born unassisted.”

Dear Watt,
Hope all is well in Albany. If and when you wish to sell 9-68 (herd sire) I would be interested. Be sure and keep me in mind. I used some of the Casey 4-35 semen I purchased to flush my donor cow. It netted me 4 grade 1, 5 grade 2 and 1 grade 3 embryos. I had to freeze most of them, because only two recip cow were up to par. That is what I get for using brangus recip cows.
Sincerely, Brandon L. Baker (TX)

BBU C1077768

11-3-18 Casey 5-145 returned to the ranch just in time for our annual 25-30 day breeding season. Casey 5-145 semen is cleared for Africa, Australia, Mexico, the United States and Numerous Other Countries!

BBU C1077768

5-21-18 Casey 5-145 photographed while on a grass/forage NO Grain diet on the Phin Reynolds Ranch home of Casey Beefmasters.

Casey 5-145

BBU C1077768


CASEY 5-145 is Our NEW Semen Bull
Among ALL Beefmaster Bulls
Casey 5-145 Leads w/MARBLING: TOP 1% REA: TOP 10%
and Birthweight of 65 pounds = Top 15%

Scanned at 385 Days Native Forage/Grass Diet
We do NOT Puff Our Bulls Up w/Feed Prior To Scanning!

His Dam Casey 2-62 Owned by Cain Cattle Co. in MS
Leads w/MARBLING: TOP 1% REA: TOP 15%

Semen is Collected, Stored & Shipped by Elgin Breeding Service

Casey 5-145 will be sold to Doug Johnson Beefmasters in IDAHO (Watt M. Casey, my father, said Doug is a serious cattleman. Doug is raising tremendous Beefmaster cattle using Lasater Ranch, now Dale Lasater Ranch, and Casey Beefmaster genetics for years)



BBU C836935
CSS Semen Casey Beefmaster Herd Sire 0-61

Semen Available

SOLD Thanks to Bob Stangl of Oklahoma
His Calves in S. Africa & elsewhere have the same massive hindquarters

BBU C992794
CSS Semen & Casey Beefmaster Herd Sire: 4-35

Semen Sold in USA, Botswana & South Africa
Yearling REA: 11.38 IMF: 3.25 - Scanned By Dr. Lorna Pelton

Dam: 1999-73 had her 10th Calf September 18th, 2010. She was Open Spring 2011. She Was Purchased by Vern & DeArta Stirling in MO and Is Now Raising Calves In MO.

Sire: 0-20 was sold to Fred Farthing of MO

For 75 years we are grateful for the many customers who have contacted, supported or visited us from the United States and other nations. In late October 2023 we will have an excellent selection of pregnant females available. These beautiful girls will be calving in March and April 2024. Please contact Watt by text, call 325-668-1373 or email
  • 2005 yearling heifers REA averaged 7.26 & IMF 3.84
  • 2006 yearling heifers REA averaged 7.05 & IMF 3.78
  • 2007 yearling heifers REA averaged 6.50 & IMF 3.96
  • 2008 yearling heifers REA averaged 7.60 & IMF 4.57
  • 2009 yearling heifers REA averaged 7.54 & IMF 4.35
  • 2010 yearling heifers REA averaged 7.39 & IMF 4.40
  • 2011 yearling heifers REA averaged 8.40 & IMF 4.62, despite being in a drought
  • 2012 yearling heifers REA averaged 8.41 & IMF averaged 4.40, despite being another difficult drought year
  • 2013 yearling heifers REA averaged 8.7 & IMF averaged 4.31, despite being another difficult drought year
  • 2014 yearling Heifers REA Averaged 7.92 and IMF 4.28
  • 2015 yearling Heifers REA Averaged 7.99 and IMF 4.64
  • 2016 yearling Heifers REA Averaged 7.68 and IMF 3.89
  • 2017 yearling Heifers averaged REA 8.13 and IMF 3.59
  • 2018 yearling Heifers averaged REA 7.49 and IMF 4.57

ALL achieved in pastures of native grasses & forage without being pushed with feed. Our yearling heifers are scanned between 11 and 14 months.

Each year Dr. Tom Echols preg checks our females normally in early March. Since 1977 the breeding season for all females ages 14 months and older has been 25-30 days. Those that do not conceive during this breeding season are later exposed to our top herd sires for approximately 45-60 days and offered for sale when safe in calf. A very high percentage (in the upper 90s) conceive during the combined breeding seasons. In 2017 80% of the cows were pregnant after a 30 day season, in 2015 and 2016 83-84% of the cows were pregnant after a thirty day season. In 2014 we shortened the breeding season to 25 days for all females who had calved. 89% were pregnant in one of the driest years on record. The 2016 yearling heifers averaged 82% pregnant, the 2015 yearling heifers 74% bred, the 2014 heifers 71% and 78% of the 2013 yearling heifers were pregnant.

For information on available cattle, please call or text Watt, Jr.

Cell: 325-668-1373

Conceived during a 26 day breeding season last Nov/Dec 2019 these cows will calve late August or September 2020!

Casey 08-35 & 8145
May 3rd, 2019

Casey 10-76 & 8091
May 3rd, 2019

Casey 3-112 & 8129
May 3rd, 2019

Casey 13-188 & 8115
May 3rd, 2019

Casey Beefmaster Cattle